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Shower Cleaning

Tile King® understands the secrets to restoring the pristine condition of your shower. We offer comprehensive shower maintenance services, including cleaning, pretreatment, steam cleaning, and repairs. After rejuvenating your shower, we’ll seal it to preserve its pristine appearance.

Our expertise covers Ceramic, Porcelain, and Travertine Showers. We can identify leaks, address grout issues, or fix caulking problems. Regardless of your needs, we’ll make your shower look brand new and provide guidance on maintaining its beauty.

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Shower Calcium & Stain Removal

Arizona showers are highly susceptible to calcification, even with regular squeegeeing. When showers are used daily, they require maintenance relatively quickly. Our shower maintenance services encompass pre-treatment and steam cleaning, which kickstart the removal of calcification and most discoloration.

Additionally, we address grout cracking or caulking issues and offer the option to color-stain your grout for a waterproof and refreshed appearance. Finally, we seal your shower using top-quality sealers, ensuring the highest product quality for all our services.

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Shower Sealing

Sealing your shower is a vital task to safeguard key areas such as the grout edge around the border and other critical spots from moisture. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the shower’s appearance by preventing water, soap scum, and calcification buildup.

Nevertheless, the market offers a plethora of sealers, varying in quality and grade. The selection of the appropriate sealer and its proper application is of paramount importance.

We have witnessed numerous instances of subpar results stemming from the use of unsuitable products or insufficient expertise. Your shower should not be subjected to incorrect materials or experimentation.


We can make your Shower look BRAND NEW again. We Repair Grout Perimeter Wall Edges too.


Shower Perimeter Repair & Caulking

Frequently, we encounter concerns related to the shower caulking or shower grout around the edges. This particular area represents the weakest point of your shower and holds great significance in maintaining a secure seal.

When you observe cracking or discoloration, especially along the edges, it typically serves as an early warning sign that requires immediate attention.

The reason behind this urgency is the presence of trapped water in these crevices, which fosters the growth of mold, mildew, and discoloration. Addressing this issue promptly is crucial to prevent significantly higher expenses down the road.



Shower Grout Repairs

Shower floor tile maintenance is both frequent and crucial when it comes to early detection. It’s not limited to the floor or its perimeters; often, tile shower grout repairs are essential for the walls as well.

Tile King® boasts nearly two decades of experience in diligently restoring bathroom floor tiles. For top-notch Scottsdale Shower Repairs by TileKing®, reach out for a Free Estimate at (602) 789-3417.

Our expertise & top-notch products ensures your shower remains pristine, protected and functional.



Shower Grout Color Staining

We have honed our expertise in tile shower grout repairs and color stain sealing, ensuring impeccable results. After our work is done, you won’t detect any signs of repair.

Our color staining technique offers top-notch protection against daily wear and tear. Opt for our Shower Cleaning and Sealing service to rejuvenate your shower completely. We appreciate your interest in our services and the time you’ve taken to explore our offerings.

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